Phonophoresis is a method of the introduction of some medicinal substances with the help of ultrasound through intact skin. It is noted combined action of ultrasound and medicinal substances. The method is based on the ability of ultrasound to change the permeability of the skin, and therefore medications applied to the skin are absorbed more actively (increase absorptive properties of the skin).
Most often used in the clinic phonophoresis hydrocortisone (suspension of hydrocortisone 5 ml, vaseline and lanolin 25 g). This ointment is put with a thin layer wooden spatula in the field of influence of ultrasound. The methodology of the impact of ultrasound and its dosage - see Ultrasonic therapy.
After the procedure, remains of medicinal substance it is recommended to leave on the skin, covering it with plastic or wax paper.
Phonophoresis hydrocortisone shown in diseases with a pronounced inflammatory or allergic component: rheumatoid polyarthritis, artresources, tendovaginitis, prostatitis, neuritis of the facial nerve in the early period, neurodermatitis, adnexitis, itching of the vulva.
Consider contraindications in respect of ultrasound (see Ultrasound therapy)and hydrocortisone - hypertension, coronary insufficiency, saying disease stomach and duodenal ulcers, diabetes mellitus, pregnancy.