The phosphaturia

The phosphaturia is the presence in the Deposit newly urine phosphate salts. Alkaline reaction urine. Primary phosphaturia observed in the metabolic phosphorus in the body in an unmodified mucous membrane of the urinary tract, secondary phosphaturia - inflammatory processes and pathological changes in the urinary system.
The phosphaturia may be accompanied by a dull pain in the lumbar region, urination.
Primary phosphaturia difficult to cure. At the secondary phosphaturia activities should be directed to cure the underlying disease, the elimination of inflammatory and stagnation in the urinary tract. It is recommended that a diet that includes meat, fish, fats, liver, vitamins a and D, sour milk, butter, prohibit spices, alcohol, milk; limit vegetables, fruits. Assign inside benzoic acid oxidation urine 0.3 g 3-6 times a day, antibiotics (dosages depending on the severity of the underlying disease).