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Physiotherapy room

The wire, which passed the currents of high voltage (at franklinization) or high frequency (in General and local darsonvalization, diathermy, UHF-therapy), must have a high-voltage isolation. Wire with a dry insulation coating for operation is not permitted.
During procedures cannot be left wires directly without insulation pads on the body of the patient. Integrity wires, especially in clips electrodes for diathermy, and integrity isolation, it must be carefully checked before treatment.
The metal housing and tripods devices for electro, including portable, subject to ground regardless of the place of their installation and procedures. Grounding carried out by attaching them to a specially arranged earth path.
Grounding must be carried out with the help of wire, mechanically strong enough, without any intermediate detachable joints. Radiators, pipes of heating, gas, water or sewer systems, as well as any grounded objects in the Cabinet, must be protected housings made of non-conductive material, covered with an oil paint to the height, inaccessible to touch patients and staff during medical procedures. Attaching devices to earth path should be carried out when the mains power.
For boiling tools, seals, etc. used tanks, sterilizers or electric range with the private heater. Water heating open spiral in heaters are not permitted. A grounded metal housing units in contact imposition of electrodes must be out of reach for the patient or to defend insulating screen.
When galvanizationheld in four-chamber bath, it will be filled with water through the rubber hoses, water from it to delete through the rubber hoses with ejector, connected to water and sewage networks (when in the bath no patient). In installations equipped with drainage water from baths to drain the tub, under stand, the top edge of the trough should defend from the lower cutoff drain tubs not less than 25-30 see filling the bathtub with water and the removal of her water should only be carried out when the phone is turned off for electroplating.
During the operation of mercury-quartz lamps in the eyes of the patient and staff should protect glasses-canned food with dark frame and side impact protection. In the intervals between treatments reflector mercury-quartz lamps must be closed available on the reflectors flaps, in the absence of their light output should be limited worn on the edge of the reflector "skirt" of two layers : the inner - light, exterior dark) non-flammable material. When the infrared radiation of the persons patient should be put on the "glasses" of thick leather or cardboard. Medical staff should not have long to look at the included burner. Incandescent lamps (stationary Solux) provide a safety wire is placed in the output aperture of the reflector.
Independent physical therapy permitted only those with complete secondary medical education who have completed specialization courses in physiotherapy and studied "Rules for design, operation and safety of physiotherapeutic departments (offices)". The newly recruited workers shall undergo appropriate safety training with subsequent verification of knowledge. Regular training for people working in physiotherapy room, should be conducted at least once a year. Each physiotherapeutic office shall maintain a register for recording briefing.
The average and younger medical personnel working in svetlichnyj offices, directly on medical UHF generators with the capacity up to 200 W and VHF is available 6 days additional leave; the personnel in the scope of fields UHF - 18 days. The right to raise salaries by 15% are nurses, the issuing of not less than 10 procedures per shift on the UHF generators of any power, and nurses, directly participating in release procedures on the UHF generators of any capacity.
Benefits the medical staff, releasing hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, radon and other bath and procedures peat-, mud- see Baths, Mud baths.