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Physiotherapy room

Physiotherapy room is a structural subdivision of medical institutions; a set of premises, equipment and accessories for performing physiotherapeutic procedures. It is necessary to distinguish physiotherapy Department, where all the main types of physiotherapy (electricity, light, water, thermotherapy), and physiotherapy room, in which there is only a part of the apparatus. In the latter case, for physiotherapeutic Cabinet can be assigned to one or two or three rooms (usually neighbouring).
Organization of physiotherapeutic office (branch) provides rational distribution and arrangement of equipment with the comfort of its use and safety procedures. Opening and work of the physiotherapeutic Department (Cabinet) are permitted only upon compliance in it rules on safety and sanitation approved MOH of USSR and the Central Committee of trade Union of medical workers.
Height of the premises physiotherapeutic Cabinet should be not less than 3 m of Space for physiotherapeutic Cabinet is determined at the rate of not less than 6 m2 per treatment couch. The combined area elektrostaticheskogo of the Cabinet must be at least 24 m2; if there are 4 or more low-power generator UHF, they allocate a separate room with the area of 24 m2. The ratio of the area of the Windows to the floor space is not less than 1 : 6. Lowest artificial illumination at the level of 0.8 m from the floor with incandescent lamps - 75 Lux, with luminescence - 150 Lux.
Floors should be wood. Wall to a height of 2 m are painted bright, oil paint; the rest of the walls and ceiling - adhesive. Lining the walls of ceramic tiles is not allowed.
In physiotherapy room should be Plenum-exhaust ventilation with air heating and transoms; air temperature indoors should be not below 20 degrees. Physiotherapy room should be equipped with a washbasin. Procedural places (cab) are separated from each other curtains on metal, plastic or polished wooden frame, at a height of 2 m from the ceiling. Structural metal cabins are isolated from the stone walls by inserting under flanges wooden Manchester plate with a thickness of 40 mm, impregnated with paraffin and painted with oil paint.
The size of booths elektrostaticheskikh procedures: the length of 2-2,2 m, width (for all outdoor and ultrasonic devices) - 2 m, for other - 1,6 m In each cabin install only one outdoor unit. In physiotherapy room, where there apparatus for galvanization, electrophoresis of medicinal substances, treatment by low frequency currents and apparatus for phototherapy, allocate special isolation booth (8 m2) for works on preparation of medical procedures (boiling electrode strips, drying them, wetting solutions of medicinal substances and others) with a drying Cabinet and exhaust ventilation.
Electrical equipment physiotherapeutic Cabinet should be conducted according to the "Rules of the device, operation and safety of physiotherapeutic departments (offices)". Every office should have a self-elektrovod from the main switchboard, padded copper wire not less than 6 mm2, and group shield with common switch or contactor with a clear position "on", "off". The switch installed at a height of 1.6 m above the floor. On the shield mounting a network voltmeter with switch phases. Group shield mount of the fuses or circuit breakers maximum current of 15 I, with a number of groups according to the number of installed devices, including sterilizers and electric tile. In the cabins to connect devices at a height of 1.5 m above floor level set starting panels made of insulating material. They mounted a three-pole switch (starter) 15-25 and having a clear designation is "on", "off", four terminals in the insulating casing, two of them left is to connect devices, and the rest - for protective earth system, one outlet self-powered.
To receptacles may only be connected portable equipment. A line from group to launch the guards lay copper wire not less than 2.5 mm2. All starter set only in a secure manner.
Prohibited the presence of the personnel in the zone of direct radiation before remotely located emitter of devices for microwave or detsimetrovom therapy. Operation of such devices is performed in specially allocated premises or in the common areas, provided the screening with a metal grid or chambers of metal mesh, boards, covered with absorbing electromagnetic oscillations substances, booths or screens from cotton fabric with microwire.