The phytoncides are substances produced by plants and has a bactericidal, fungicidal and protectiei properties. The phytoncides are one of the factors in the natural immunity of plants. There are non-volatile, volatile, contained in the juice of plants and volatile, which are evolved by plants into the atmosphere, soil, water. For example, coniferous and deciduous trees emit into the atmosphere volatile volatile, affecting the composition of the microflora of the air. Volatile belong to different groups of compounds: the glycosides, alkaloids, organic acids, etc. and vary in intensity and spectrum antimicrobial action.
The phytoncides are contained in many plants. A significant number of them is in the juices and volatile fractions onion, garlic, radish, horseradish.
In practical medicine used the following phytoncide drugs.
Tincture of garlic (Tinctura Allii sativi). Assign inside of 12-20 drops 2-3 times a day, mainly for the suppression of the processes of rotting and fermentation in the intestines, colitis, and bowel atony. The drug is contraindicated in diseases of the kidneys.
Alicep (Allilcepum) - extract from onions, nastenna on alcohol. Assign inside of 15-20 drops 3 times a day with the same diseases that and tincture of garlic.
Allergical (Allilglycerum) - condensed extract from a bow, mixed in half with sterile glycerin. Apply for Trichomonas treatment of obesity.
Ursell (Ursallum) - the ether extract from bulbs and roots bear bow. Apply as of allergical.
Ursaline (Ursalinum) - essential oil, obtained from the bear bow. Applied for the treatment of purulent wounds, trophic ulcers, decubitus ulcers in the form of a 0.3% ointment on vaseline.

Antibiotics isolated from higher plants, called volatile. First volatile were opened in 1928 to 1929, the Soviet scientists bpts Tokenism and he described in detail in his monograph "Volatile". We will remind only about the antibiotics, derived from garlic is stivin (USSR) and allicin (USA), which are successfully used in the treatment of acute dysentery.
C. D. Drobotko dedicated immunin of St. John's wort. It is used topically for the treatment of infected wounds, phlegmon, carbuncles and burns. The drug is available in the form of solutions, ointments and powders.