Pigeonneau (FR.; from pigeonneau - dove) - the so-called bird's eyes, or prizhogi,professional dermatitis caused by contact with a small skin damage (cracks, scratches, injections) a variety of chemicals, with prijigatm action.
Characterized Pigeonneau education usually single, small, 2-10 mm in diameter, but rather deep sores oval or round shape with smooth slightly saped edges, surrounded by roller inflammatory infiltrate and covered tightly holding, several sunken black crust. Sore 2-3 weeks to heal, leaving in its place the scar. Pigeonneau usually located on the rear of the brushes in the field of terminal phalanges. Histopathological - necrosis of the epidermis in the area of the lesion and inflammatory reaction from the surrounding tissues.
Meets Pigeonneau workers who have contact with alkalis and lime, mineral acids, liquid glass, carbide of calcium salts of metals, in particular tin chloride, chloride and sulphate zinc (galvanized and etching of metal objects), chromium compounds (dvuhromovokislyj sodium and potassium - the so-called chronic), arsenic.
Treatment - warm bath, dressing indifferent or necrotic ointments.
Prevention - hand protection of workers from exposure to chemicals, mechanization of production processes, use of protective clothing (gloves), washing the hands thoroughly after work and treatment of minor skin damage.