Pigmentary retinal degeneration

Pigmentary retinal degeneration (synonym retinitis pigmentosa) is a chronic, slowly progressive disease characterized by the destruction svetovosprinimayuschih elements of the retina, the deposition of pigment and significant violations of the functions of the eye. The process usually bilateral, may be hereditary. The disease symptoms in children with impaired vision in twilight (see Blindness). Developing gradually narrowing of the field of vision and decreased visual acuity. The final diagnosis is established when ophthalmoscopy, pursued the doctor-ophthalmologist. The prognosis is unfavorable.
Treatment. The patient must be under the supervision of an ophthalmologist. Appoint vasodilator, vitamins (especially vitamin a and E, group, nicotinic acid), SideShow, injection of the extract of aloe Vera, phibbs. Courses of treatment should be repeated.

Pigmentary retinal degeneration (synonym retinitis pigmentosa) - severe eye disease, characterized by slowly progressive degeneration of the retina. Pigmentary retinal degeneration belongs to the group of so-called tapeto-retinal degenerations.
The disease is hereditary family character and always appears simultaneously on both eyes.
Histologically, in P. C. D. determined by the destruction layer rods and cones and their engines, increasing the number of pigment cells and put them in the retina.
The disease appears usually in childhood or adolescence. The first subjective symptom it is blindness (see). Already in the early stage of pigmentary retinal degeneration in perimetric studies can be found limit peripheral field of view, less the ring scotoma. Central vision acuity long-term remains high. Ophthalmoscopically on the periphery of the fundus found multiple pigment accumulation shaped bone cells. The retinal vessels narrow, optic disc gradually fades, it becomes solid, waxy.
As far advanced disease field of view is stored, usually only in the form of a narrow stretch-5-10 degrees from the point of fixation (tubular field of view). Because of the progressive atrophy of the optic nerve falls and Central vision acuity. The process ends with blindness. Therapeutic measures can only delay the progression of the disease. Recommended vitamin therapy (especially vitamin a), vasodilator, SideShow (instillation of 5% solution) and all types of tissue therapy.