Damage acute sawing items

Among damage caused by sharp objects, sometimes there are cases of injury sawing objects. Feature of the mechanism of action of this type of weapon is that the damage results from the movement (with a small dive) a large number located in a number of sharps elements (teeth). Depending on the design features of saws damage may be caused due to progressive or reciprocating motion of the blade.
The edges of the wounds are quite characteristic of gear type with short, symmetrically arranged by scratches or abrasions. Damage to bone (cut) is made in the same plane. On the surface of cut formed furrows and ridges, which can have parallel (manual saws, chainsaw "Friendship") or arc shape (circular saw) location. In the depth and the end (the end) of the wound is characterized by the presence of sawdust bones. The characteristics of the tracks on the plane cut is possible to identify a saw cloth.
Damage sawing tools often are the result of a work accident in violation of safety technology (wood harvesting and wood processing enterprises). In expert practice, such damage can occur if the mutilation, and when the dismemberment of the corpse in order to conceal the crime.