Pilocarpine (Pilocarpinum; list a) - m-holinomimeticescoe tool; used in the form of hydrochloride (Pilocarpinum hydrochloricum, Pilocarpini hydrochloridum). Use pilocarpine glaucoma to lower intraocular pressure. Appointed in the form of eye drops (1-2% aqueous solution, sometimes for strengthening and lengthening effect using 5-6% solution) or ointments (mortgage for ever before bedtime). The form of release pilocarpina: powder for solution preparation), 1% and 5% ointment.
Cm. also cholinomimetics.

Pilocarpine (Pilocarpinum hydrochloricum; list a) - holinomimeticescoe means; hydrochloric salt of an alkaloid extracted from plants Pilocarpus pinnatifolius (grows in Brazil). Applied for the treatment of glaucoma, thrombosis of the Central retinal artery, acute obstruction of arteries of the retina and optic nerve atrophy drops on the 1-2 drops of 1% solution 6 times a day) or eye ointment (1-5%). Method of production: powder and cream. Cm. also cholinomimetics.