Pilomotor fiber

Pilomotor fibers - fibers of the sympathetic nervous system which control the hair muscles. Originate in the cells horns lateral spinal cord, located over from VIII III cervical to the lumbar segment. These cells are of various forms and it is still not clear which of them nerviruet promotory. From the spinal cord pilomotor fibres go in knots sympathetic edge of the trunk, in the cells that end. From here, start postganglionarnyh fibers joining the spinal nerve, in the latter they continue to reach certain segments of the skin.
Pilomotor peripheral devices are influenced not only segmental regulation, but cerebral centers, which are located in the hypothalamus area, the striatum and the cerebral cortex. It is known that goes from them to the spinal cord paths crossed at the level of the intersection of the pyramidal tract.