Pilomotor reflex

Pilomotor reflex - reduction hair muscles under the influence of various skin irritations. Most important is cold stimulation (chloroethyl, air, ice, etc.,). In the clinic there are two types pilomotor reflex: cerebral and spinal, and the first of them is normal and occurs in healthy people. The easiest cerebral P. R. is called when the irritation back of the neck, which is manifested in the form of so-called goose skin. It is distributed from top to bottom and can capture all the same half of the body. When you cross the defeat of a spinal cord cerebral pilomotor reflex propagated down only to the upper limit of the lesion. Spinal P. R. occurs only in diseases of the spinal cord, breaking the link between the spinal cord and brain.
Artificially it can cause mechanical or thermal irritation of the feet, which leads to the appearance on the same side goose skin extending from the bottom up. Spinal pilomotor reflex applies only to segments of the bottom border of the hearth. The localization of the pathological focus in the peripheral sympathetic system there is a lack of P. R. in the corresponding area.