Sea Holly

Sea Holly - L. Pimpinella anisum
The Family Umbrella - Apiaceae Lindl.
anise ordinary
Taproot is well developed. The stem is erect, ramified at the top, height 40-60 see the Leaves are alternate, lower on long stalks, round or reniform; medium on petioles smaller length, Ternate; top sedentary, strongly dissected linear lobes. Inflorescence is a complex umbrella, flowers are white. Fruits are ovoid or pear-shaped form, consists of two one-seeded pristrastivshihsja greenish-gray Vladikov. The fruits covered with short adpressed hairs, have a lot of longitudinal ribs, which is where the canaliculi with essential oil, taste sweet and spicy.
Anise relatively require warmth and moisture. Seeds begin to germinate at 6-8 degrees C. Shoots survive short frosts up to 4-6'c S. Responsive to fertilizers. Seeds before sowing subjected to air-thermal heating. The seeding depth 2 - 3 see Removed at the beginning of ripening on the Central umbrellas. Fruits contain a 2.5-4% anise essential oil used in the food, perfumery, pharmaceutical and other industries.
Rodina - Asia Minor.