Pinocytes (from the Greek. pinein - drinking and kytos - cell) - the process of absorption cell and migration deep into her liquid in the form of bubbles submicron size. First described by Lewis W. Lewis, 1931) when microcinematography the research culture of histiocytes. Currently pinocytes found in a number of cell cultures and amoebae when observed in a light microscope, and many other types of cells (macrophages, muscle and reticular cells) - in electronic microscope. When pinocytes is spacelane the surface layer of the cells, along with a drop of liquid and formation of new vacuoles, which together with the content involved in the depths of the cells due to the movement of cytoplasm. It is assumed that when P. together with the liquid from the environment come into the cell mineral salts, proteins and other dissolved substances. However, in contrast to the capture of solids [phagocytosis (see)], which was observed at all stages of digestion of these particles up to their complete disappearance, when pinocytes this process to monitor fails.