Pinta (from f. pinta - spot; synonym: tina, carate, azul, puru-puru) is a chronic infectious nevinomisskaya disease attributable to spirochetosis. Pinta common in Latin America, Africa, India. The disease is caused by Treponema carateum.
On the place of the introduction of the pathogen, usually on the skin of the legs, rarely hands, Linden, there is a primary element - papule, then turning in the oval spot of red, scaly, infiltrated, with sharp edges. In 2-5 months. near primary spots appear secondary spots of brown, yellow, blue, violet color (entity). Resolved, depigmented spots leave metilirovanie areas. Later affects the lymph nodes, cardiovascular, nervous system, internal organs - as with syphilis. The Wasserman in the blood and cerebrospinal fluid becomes firmly positive. There are latent periods. Infection occurs through everyday contacts and infection transmission by insects. Treatment with penicillin, newsalary.