Food poisoning and their prevention

Food poisoning is an acute illness caused by eating food that is infected with organisms or containing toxic substances. Depending on the etiology of food poisoning are divided into three main groups.
1. Food poisoning is a bacterial origin:
a) diseases caused by bacteria of group of Salmonella, conditionally pathogenic microbes and other;
b) poisoning caused by a toxin botulinus, Staphylococcus.
2. Food poisoning non-bacterial origin:
a) poisoning with products that are toxic in nature (some mushrooms, berries);
b) poisoning with products that are temporarily acquired toxic properties (solanine in potatoes);
b) poisoning inorganic toxic substances (lead, arsenic, copper and others) and insectofungicides used for processing plants.
3. Mycotoxicoses - poisoning caused by products affected by fungi (ergotizma, alimentary toxic aleikia and others).