Rational nutrition of patients is an essential link in the treatment and care. Usually prescribe a specific diet and proper treatment table (see clinical nutrition). Patients who are not prescribed bed rest, eat in a specially equipped canteens. It is advisable to group patients receiving the same healing power, at the same table. The diet and the diet should be conceptualized patients as one of the necessary factors of recovery. Possible variety menu, accuracy and good appearance of the table facilitate this task. Bedridden patients feeds nurse, putting them in a convenient position, the warning fatigue, using a movable table on tripods. Weak and feverish patients should be fed in periods of improvement, while lowering the temperature. Such patients need to be fed with a spoon, food (mashed or chopped) to give small portions. You should not interrupt the daily sleep for a meal, if the patient is suffering from insomnia. Special attention is showing to the patients who need a good feeding, and to those who are prescribed starvation mode (for example, in acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract). In this regard, the need to monitor the so-called transmission, especially for patients with dietary restrictions, content bedside cabinets and refrigerators. Drink seriously ill give out the drinking bowl (see).
Patients who refuse from food, patients who cannot swallow food, have in some cases to be fed through a stomach tube (see Artificial feeding). This procedure requires special skills and caution.