Food healthy children

With the account age peculiarities of metabolism in children we have already noted-round effects of food began to various processes of the child's body.
Food substances, received by the child, are the source of energy needed to heat and work; they play a role plastic materials, as well as vigorously growing organism, and by providing indisputable influence on the processes of metabolism, regulate physical-chemical equilibrium in its juices and tissues. Character input baby food to a greater or lesser extent affect the functions of all organs, the nervous system, hormonal balance, specific and non-specific resistance of the organism to influence of environmental factors and to various infectum.
Alimentary point is of very great importance in the pathogenesis and etiology of many pathological States, in particular in the Genesis of growth disorders, nutrition and digestive system in children of early age.
Thus, qualitatively and quantitatively correct nutrition of children is a factor of great preventive importance, without which the normal development of the child is not possible. In many cases, food is used as a therapeutic factor.