Brewery industry food industry engaged in the production of beer and other alcoholic and soft drinks. Beer is produced by means of fermentation barley (or otherwise) of malt, in the presence of water, hops and yeast. Sanitary-bacteriological indicators of beer depend on observance of technological instructions and requirements of sanitary regime, proper organization of the washing process and timing of exposure of the finished product. Water for the beer must meet the requirements of the state standard for drinking water.
The scheme brewing technology: 1) preparation of malt; 2) obtaining wort; 3) fermentation.
Sanitary measures in areas in which the preparation of malt, should be aimed at protecting workers against the grain of dust, weeds and harmful impurities, to the destruction of pathogens of grain and malt. Increased content of grain dust can cause occupational disease (pneumoconiosis, conjunctivitis, skin diseases and other). For respiratory protection from dust workers involved in cleaning and manual shoveling grain, shall be provided gauze bandages or respirators. In malt houses should be built supply and exhaust ventilation.
Sanitary requirements during the preparation process of wort following: the premise is built should be equipped with effective ventilation and maintained in strict purity; surface mash and filtration brewing tanks and boilers should be smooth and accessible for cleaning.
Workers employed by sanitization and disinfection of containers for cooling of wort ("plates")shall be given the special rubber overalls and boots, pre-disinfected 2% solution of bleach. Disinfection of tanks for fermentation of the wort is after mechanical cleaning of inner surfaces. Fermentation is connected with the formation of significant amounts of carbon dioxide, which is stored in the lowest places of the premises, at the bottom of the tank, which is dangerous to the health of workers, producing sanitation. So you need to be steaming tanks or wash thoroughly with cold water. Low temperature and high humidity of many production facilities contribute to the emergence of colds among the workers brewing production.