Fig. 54. Plantain.

Plantain (Plantago major L.) - wild plant is entered into culture. From plantain receive the drug plantasia (see). A mixture of fresh juice plantain leaves with grass juice plantain blatnogo (Plantago psyllium L.) recommended when anatsidnyh gastritis and chronic colitis. Infusion of leaves (10 : 200, 1 tablespoon 3-4 times a day) apply with gastritis, enteritis, enterocolitis and ulcers, as well as an expectorant.

Plantain. Everyone is familiar with this plant. Sockets in his bright green leaves are always found near the paths. Walk on it, and they grow. Try to disrupt the sheet, especially large on long leafstalk. Just will not work: veins, which are in the list, and then go into petiole, first pull, and then will break.
May - June and till the autumn you can see flowering runaways-plastiki. They too difficult to confuse with other flowers. Ugly brownish scarious flowers are collected in a cylindrical spike.
I want to warn collectors of medicinal plants, which is near the large plantain often grow other, similar in appearance to him of the relatives - the Bunting Kornuta, medium, steppe, lanceolate, which in medicine are not used. The main feature of these podorozhnikom lists have hairs either below or on the veins or pubescent on both sides. The plantain leaf dense, smooth-edged, widely oval or ovoid, naked, with long-petiolate. The average plantain flowers are pale pink, and lanceolate characteristic elongated leaves and flowers light yellow anthers.
Doesn't look like its counterparts plantain blesny. This is an annual plant with silhouettes stem, without leaf rosettes. Leaves are narrow, linear and are located on the stalk.
In medical practice, use an infusion of the leaves of plantain as an expectorant. Pressing get the juice of fresh leaves and flower arrows plantain or juice with ground units plantain blatnogo. It is canned or dried into a powder and cook granules called plantasia.
Canned juice and drug plantasia have antibacterial properties and is recommended for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, colitis, at the lowered acidity, stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer.