Plasmoid (Plasmocidum; list a) is an antimalarial drug. Used only in combination with Akrikhin (see) and begomlem (see). Higher doses: single 0.04 g daily 0,06 g overdose are headache, pain, epigastric region, paresthesia, nevralgia troinicnogo nerve, cerebellar ataxia, polyneuritis and optic nerve atrophy. Plasmacid contraindicated in diseases of the fundus of the eye and eye nerves, encephalitis, meningoencephalitis (including their presence in history). Keep in dark place. When changes to the appearance of drug use is prohibited. Cm. also Antimalarials.

Plasmoid (Plasmocidum; SP. A) is a synthetic anti-malarial drug, acting on the gametocytes of all species of malaria parasites; methylene-bossalinie-6-methoxy-8-(3', diethylamino)-Propylenediamine. Is used in combination with Akrikhin (see), begomlem (see), quinine (see).
For the treatment used to 0.02 g 2-3 times a day for 5 days. The highest daily dose - 0,06 g
To prevent plasmacid used 1 time in 5-7 days during the epidemic season of 0.04 g 1-2 admission after eating. In overdose possible lesions of the nervous system. P. is contraindicated in infants and persons with diseases of the Central nervous system. Cm. also Antimalarials.