Plasmas - reducing the volume of the cytoplasm and the subsequent detachment from her cell membranes, taking place at the premises of living plant cells in hypertonic solutions. During the transfer of cells in the isotonic solution of protoplasm returns to its original position. Similar processes are observed in animal cells (for example, red blood cellsand microorganisms.
Cm. also Isotonic solutions, Osmotic pressure.

Plasmas (from the Greek. plasma - fashioned, formed and lysis - release) - the compression of protoplasm plant cells and separate it parietal layer from cellulose cell membranes. Plasmas happens when submerged plant cells in hypertonic environment, osmotic pressure is higher than using juice cells. In this case, the cell loses water and its cytoplasm (see) is separated from the walls. Some authors believe that a similar phenomenon occurred in animal cells, where the role of a semi-permeable membrane performs the cell membrane. So, the red blood cells of mammals, many bacteria and other decreases in volume when placed in hypertensive solutions.