The use of plastic materials in stomatology

In dentistry, plastic is used for reconstructive operations on the face, in the treatment of fractures of the jaw, facial prosthetics, when filling teeth.
The greatest application have received plastic in prosthetic dentistry. For bases of the dental implants are used acrylate ACRE-15. The drug consists of fine, painted in pink powder and liquid methyl ester of methacrylic acid. Polymerization of a drug takes place at a given temperature.
To clarify and repair bases prostheses and artificial teeth using fast-hardening plastic (redont, norcryl, protacryl and others). Polymerization of drugs occurs under the influence of the catalyst for 5 to 10 minutes at room temperature, in the mouth is accelerating.
Soft not polymerize elastic plastic (aladent 100) used as a lining on the hard basis with painful bone tabs on the jaw. Cm. also dentures.

The use of plastic materials in dentistry. In the USSR created drugs plastics on the basis of acrylate (acrylic acid derivatives) - ACRE-7, ACRE-10, ACRE-15, the prostheses of which have a smooth surface, not adsorb content of the oral cavity. Studies have shown harmlessness of acrylates. For the manufacture of bridges was established drug ACRE-10. For the baseline prostheses organized industrial production of copolymer drug ACRE-15 (ethacryl), with a higher physico-mechanical properties.
For the manufacture of dental bridges produced product ACRE-10 different colors. On the basis of PVC resins for facial prostheses, Boxing tyres and for interstitial implants created the drug EGLASS-12.
Currently, for filling the cavities are drugs fast-hardening plastic, norcryl, sokis, and for repair and perebazirovka dentures-protacryl butakril.
Abroad and in the USSR broad recognition of the artificial teeth are made of plastic. These teeth are integrally connected with plastic prostheses, don't break and have a high esthetic properties.