Plastic replaces the bone

One of the interesting developments of neurosurgery is the so-called plasty of cranial bone defects. What does this mean?
During the great Patriotic war M. received a severe wound in the head by a shell. The wound healed, but left a large hole® skull bones and inverted throbbing of the scar on him. Of course, it is not only that this defect disfigures the appearance of the person. Any accidental blow this place will blow over unsecured brain and can cause serious consequences. In addition, rough scar soft tissues of the skull and welded together in this place directly with the brain, usually causes severe headaches, and sometimes and epileptic seizures (seizures seizures with loss of consciousness).
Neurosurgeon carefully removed M. all the scars that caused irritation of the brain, and on its surface put a gentle fibrin film that has the property does not grow together with the brain.
Normal form of the skull was recovered completely, leaving only subtle skin scar that will not be visible when the hair grows back. Bone defect surgeon shut made in advance and carefully onmodelready plate. This record is made of special plastic milky color, which is called polymethylmethacrylate. Durable silk threads this disk is securely sewn with the bones of the skull.
It is important to emphasize that this operation gives not only a good cosmetic result. As a rule, patients removes headaches, General condition improves, stop epileptic seizures.

  • The operation restores vision