Plasmalogen (acetolactate) connection included in the group of phospholipids and similar composition and structure to Catalina. Unlike kefalidou (see), P. contain the balance of molecules of fatty acids associated with glycerine the rest of the aldehyde fatty acids. As a nitrogenous base P. contain ethanolamine or series.
Plasmalogen widespread in animals and found among the lipids in all the organs, and most of them contain the brain and the heart muscle. To determine plasmalogens apply the method based on their selection in a form nitrophenyl-hydrazones. The content on in the bodies of people (in micromol 1 g dry cloth): white matter of the brain - 109; gray matter of the brain - 51,3; spleen - 14,5; ovaries-13,2; stomach - 13; skeletal muscles - 10,8; uterus to 10.6. P. also found in various tumors where their contents ranging from 5.2 to 20.3 MK moles (1 g dry cloth). Cm. also Phosphatides.
Regarding the exchange of plasmalogen and functions of their bodies knows very little.