The disease. Acute inflammatory processes on the shoulder can be metastatic and septic nature. On the humerus is acute and chronic osteomyelitis (see). Amazed at that most of the proximal metavis. Hematogenous osteomyelitis occurs mainly in children and often leads to significant growth defects of the limbs and deformation. Treatment of acute hematogenous osteomyelitis is a surgical opening of the hearth, immobilization limbs and simultaneous antibiotic therapy.
Tuberculous lesions of the diaphysis P. clinically and radiologically reminds spina ventosa short bones (spindle-shaped thickening bones, increase it, the presence of cavities and sequesters) (see Tuberculosis of bones and joints). The process goes on soft tissue, formed abscesses and often open fistula. Applies generally conservative treatment, and when formed sequestration produce its removal. On the shoulder may form sinter abscess with the breakthrough of pus in the shoulder joint.
Bone cyst often observed in the humerus and most often localized in the upper third P. First signs of the illness is often a pathological fracture. Crucial in the detection of cysts belongs to x-ray study. Rarely in the same type on the shoulder meets giant cell tumor, or osteoblastoclastoma (see Bone tumor).
Treatment bone cyst and giant cell tumor surgery. Given the frequency of relapses and the possibility of malignancy, it must be radical. Affected area of bone repetiruyut formed the bone defect replace an autograft or frozen gomotransplantation. In the postoperative period limb fix outlet coracobrachialis plaster cast for 4-6 months. depending on the size of the bone defect and age of the patient.
The tumor. From benign tumors of soft tissues of the shoulder is most often found in different sizes lipoma, and from bone observed: osteoma, osteoinduction, osteochondroma. These tumors are subject to surgical treatment.
From malignant tumors P. meet primary sarcoma (often osteogenic, rarely periosteal), fibrosarcoma. Osteogenic sarcoma is localized mainly in metaepiphysis. This tumor is among the highly malignant, always growing rapidly, accompanied by severe pain, pathologic fracture. For sarcomas typical early metastases in the internal organs. The diagnosis to be confirmed radiographically. Shown amputation or exarticulation P. with subsequent radiotherapy. At high tumor localization shows the removal of the entire upper extremity with a shovel (amputatio interscapulothoracica). The prognosis is poor.
Ewing sarcoma - see Bone tumors.