Traumatic brachial plexus injury - plexitis

When plexitis comes a sharp decrease in the sensitivity on the outer surface of the shoulder and arm with damage to the muscles of the shoulder blade, deltoid, two key shoulder, shoulder and front teeth, muscles (arm hangs like a whip), loss of functions of the median nerve. In the complex treatment of leading method is the treatment position. Brushes, metacarpophalangeal and interphalangeal joint couplings give half-bent position and stack on Paris splint is placed with cushion, planted in the area of the metacarpophalangeal joints. Forearm and brush (Paris splint is placed) are placed on the headscarf, and in some cases the hand is laid onto the dressing. Appoint active and passive physiotherapy; special exercises for the muscles of the shoulder, upper arm, forearm and hand in the foyer of the General developmental and breathing exercises. Special attention is paid to the bending of the 1st and 2nd fingers, the contrast between the 1st and 5th fingers and breeding of all the fingers. In parallel, appoint massage, physical therapy and medication.