The spittoon

Spittoon - vessel for collecting sputum. Spittoon are for General use and the individual. For use in premises used closed spittoon pomortseva - enameled Cup of 500 ml high (about 1 m) tripod; flat cover opens automatically when najmanyi foot on the pedal. Open the spittoon not hygienic and should not be used.
Spittoon for individual using can be of different types.
1. Mug from the colorless glass with the capacity of 200-400 ml with removable or enameled metal cover.

pocket spittoon
Pocket spittoon

2. Pocket spittoon in the form of a small, flat-flask with divisions capacity of about 100 ml with screw round lid (Fig. ).
3. Pocket spittoon of Detweiler (glass or aluminum) with a capacity of 75 ml (in the form of a flattened oval; the cover is easy to open when najmanyi on the button, and round bottom smaller come unscrewed, so very easy to wash spittoon.
4. Foldable spittoon of wax paper rectangular capacity of 100-200 ml (mainly for TB patients); after filling up half or two thirds of such a cuspidor with content burn.
As a spittoon may be adapted to ordinary Bank of colourless glass, but it is obligatory for her to do the cover (from cardboard or heavy paper).
At selection of the foul-smelling sputum in that spittoon pour 15-30 ml of turpentine, which, floating on the surface of the sputum, prevents the spread of smell. With the same purpose can be used strong solution of potassium permanganate.
For disinfection spittoon is boiled in a solution of lye at least 1 hour or immersed in a 10% solution of bleach in 1 day.
Before collecting sputum in a glass spittoon it purely wash and fill a small amount of water, so that no phlegm stuck to the bottom and the walls of the spittoon.