Damage pleura

Closed injuries of the pleura are found mainly with broken ribs. P. can only be bruised or broken atomcom ribs. Damaged her are the symptoms of pleurisy (see), while injury pleura is usually dry, if the gap is often vpotnye. If damaged and bleeds intercostal artery, the blood pouring out either extrapleural, either through a defect., in the pleural cavity. Formed hemothorax rarely reaches a large volume and not always easily differentiated from the big extrapleural hematoma. The most accurate diagnosis in these cases is achieved by x-rays after imposition of small artificial pneumothorax. At break of the pleura may appear and grow subcutaneous emphysema chest, indicating that also damaged lung tissue (usually other atomcom ribs). Simultaneous non-penetrating wounds of soft tissues of the chest wall wound infection creates the danger of festering hematoma, hemothorax, transition aseptic pleurisy in purulent.
Closed damage of the pleura itself usually does not require specific treatment measures, treatment, shown at fracture rib rib cage). The General rules are treated significant hematomas (see), hemothorax (see) and subcutaneous emphysema. With continued abdominal or interstitial hemorrhage shown bandaging of a bleeding vessel.
Open damaged (injured) P. - see ribcage injuries.