The beach is a coastal strip of the seas, lakes, rivers, reservoirs, used for bathing, sun and air baths. Depending on the nature of the intercession of the beaches are sandy or gravel, limestone, gravel. Mixed beaches covered with pebbles, sand, gravel, sometimes along the shore of the scattered pieces of boulders. The best beaches are covered with fine sand, gently sloping down into the sea (for example, the beaches of Anapa, Evpatoria, Riga seaside, Sestroretsk). Beach space should be well lighted, to be available for airing and at the same time as possible protected from cold winds. Etc. have to be away from possible sources of pollution of soil, water, air - from the place of issue of rain, sewage, port facilities, etc., On the territory P. should not be large stones, tree roots, and so on, there should be structures, not related to the operation P. Territory P. should be strictly protected from pollution. From the territory P. cannot choose the sand for household and construction purposes.
The beach should be planted trees and decorative bushes, have a good approaches to water - paved or hard-Packed tracks and convenient slopes. On the beaches with large pebbles approach to water arrange wooden floorings. While the steep slopes on the approaches to Petrograd satisfied with sloping staircases, streamers, lifts, chair lifts, cable cars.
P. divided into P. General use, intended for swimming healthy people, and therapy beach for treatment and preventive procedures. P. common use is usually of 3 compartments: male, female and total. Sometimes arranged children's Department with a specially allocated place for bathing children, a paddling pool on the beach and playgrounds. Etc. have to be improved and equipped places for changing and storing clothes (razgovornymi in the form of clothing, individual cabins, sunshades, daybeds for lying, fungi, umbrellas, tents, portable cabins, benches; shower facilities with fresh water (solar heating) and sinks for washing of the feet; drinking fountains; sanitation latrines or toilets with vygrebami corresponding to the sanitary requirements (at the rate of 1 point for 100 places P.); areas for sports and games in the air; at etc. have to be the clinic for emergency and paragraph rescue of the drowning. Paragraph common areas, depending on local conditions organize sports and water, and the boat station (1 boat for 50 seats P.). The area of the beach is determined at the rate of 5 to 6 mg per 1 place; area razdelennyh 0,1 m2 on the 1st place; the number of shower - 1 cone 50 swimmers. Areas P. limited to well visible signs (barrels or floats at anchor). On the limits of the P. the territory is protected by impassable bushes or light fence.
Therapeutic beaches are suitable for conducting sun and air procedures in combination with the sea, lake, river bathing under the supervision of medical staff; arrange in areas separate from the beach in common use. Medical P. consists of two parts: male and female. At resorts where children's health resorts, organized children's Department. Medical P. consists of a Solarium (Playground, well-irradiated by the sun) and shaded rest area (place, shaded from the sun by a canopy for receiving air baths and recreation). Medical P. equipped with deck chairs (couches). On therapeutic Ii. allocate sites for physical therapy sessions.
The total area of curative beach is determined at the rate of not less than 6 m2 in 1 place. In southern areas the number of seats in aeriah must be greater than in the Central and Northern. The ratio of seats in the Solarium and aerarii recommended for the southern climatic zone 1:2, average climatic zone 2:1. Medical office medical P. can be combined with location meteorological (bioclimatic) of paragraph watching the temperature of water and air on the beach, informing about the dosage of solar radiation.
The entrance to medical beach is through a clinic where patients are registered. On the treatment of P. can get aerosolyary (see), located above the surface of the sea, on a bun, protective piers that protect the coast from erosion, or on the wooden decking laid on stilts or on the rafts.