Regimental medical center

Regimental medical center (MFC) is the main medical Department of the medical service of motorized infantry (tank, artillery) regiment.
In wartime on the RAP is the responsibility of the following main tasks: participation in the collection and export of affected from the field and from the centers of mass defeat and evacuation vehicles and RAP, rendering the first medical care, outpatient treatment lehtoranta and legkobetonnyh, implementation of sanitary-hygienic and anti-epidemic measures in the regiment, participation in the activities for protection of troops against weapons of mass destruction, and elimination of consequences of its use by the enemy, provision of personnel with means of rendering first medical aid and medical units of the regiment necessary medical and other property
Department of collection and evacuation of the RAP (sanitary instructor, nurses, drivers orderlies), equipped with special sanitary vehicles, works on the battlefield and in the centers of mass defeat, where has the task to provide first medical aid to the victims, their removal and the export in the nest wounded (see the Removal and removal of the affected) or to the posts of sanitary transportand evacuated affected battalion medical center (see) and the RAP. The rest of the staff (physicians, paramedic, head of pharmacy, medical orderly, nurses and others) deploys medical center as a stage medical evacuation to sort amazed and provision of first medical aid.
RAP is deployed in the area of the largest losses on such a distance from the front edge, which provides delivery affected no later than 4-5 hours. from the moment of defeat, near ways of transportation and evacuation, in places, hidden from observation and fire of the enemy, if possible, in shelters or in natural shelters.
For deployment outside of settlements and shelters RAP has tents.
Expanded PEP consists of a sorting post, receiving and sorting, dressing, evacuation, insulators, platforms special. processing, pharmacy, food and other units (Fig). On the sorting post from the General flow of the affected patients and are allocated dangerous for the environment: infected PB, S, who are referred to the site spec. processing, and infectious patients or suspect infectious disease, which is sent to the insulators; the other, not dangerous to others, are sent to the receiving section.
regimental medical center

Meds - Medical and sanitary battalion
SP - sorting post
OMO - Individual medical detachment
MFC - Regimental medical center
Functional units of the regimental medical center.

In the reception and sorting registration of the applicants, filling primary health card, the introduction of antibiotics and anti-tetanus serum on the testimony, odbytova bandages, correction and change immobilizers bandages and splints, the introduction of anesthetics, meals and other activities. The affected part of the receiving and sorting sent to escape, others who need more complex medical activities in the dressing room, where is the transfusion of blood and its substitutes, car-sympathetic blockade and casing anesthesia, tracheotomy, puncture and catheterization of the bladder, probe washing stomach, changing bandages on the testimony and other activities (see Medical assistance, in the military field conditions). When the mass flow is created sorting platform, which takes over the functions Prime sorting, but at reduced capacity. From the dressing room, amazed and patients follow in evacuation. The latter provides the care of injured and sick and places them on transport to send in Meds (OMO).
Infectious patients and suspected infectious disease is placed in one of the isolation cells (for intestinal infections or airborne), where, in addition to the care they provide the necessary assistance. At the first opportunity, not delaying, sick of insulators RAP evacuated in Meds (OMO), and if possible, directly to the infectious diseases hospital for its transport. On the site of the spec. treatment is the removal of radioactive substances and S with open parts of the body and clothing (see Special handling).
In peacetime RAP conducts treatment and prevention activities in the regiment, including the monitoring of the physical condition and training of the personnel, as well as outpatient and inpatient treatment of patients (diseases with a limited duration of treatment), etc. As in time of peace and in time of war of the RAP will organize control over food and water, personal and collective hygiene regiment, with the military conditions of work and life, for the territory and accommodation conditions, etc.
In the implementation of the stated objectives of the RAP active role played by medical formula that works both independently and under the supervision of doctors. The RAP provided with adequate medical property in sets, has avtoperevozki, economic and other property (tents, kitchen-trailer etc)and cargo vehicles.