Pneumomassage - air massage applied in otorhinolaryngology for restoration of mobility of the eardrum and the chain auditory ossicles. Apply pneumomassage when dry Cathars tympanic cavity, the consequences of acute inflammations it (adhesive process), the Cathars hearing (Evstafieva) pipe. For pneumomassage, you can use a funnel Sigle and balloon Politzer. Pneumomassage can be made without instruments with the help of a finger pressed against the trestle. The hand at that produce 150 - 200 vibratory movements in 1 min.

Pneumomassage (from the Greek. pneuma - air + massage) - air massage applied in otorhinolaryngology for restoration of mobility of the eardrum. Pneumomassage used to prevent the formation of adhesions after suffering otitis media, in the treatment of chronic forms of catarrhal otitis, chronic adhesive otitis. At last frequent fusion between tympanic membrane and the inner wall of the tympanic cavity. Timely implemented pneumomassage promotes the resorption and stretching adhesions and scarring in the tympanic cavity, improves the mobility chain auditory ossicles. Pneumomassage also widely used for the same purpose after improves hearing operations. The proposed Deltanet device for P. (Fig. 1) based on the principle of depression and thickening the air in the ear canal. Suction and discharge of air in the pump apparatus perform a push of the thumb on the handle. The same reach apparatus, where the rotation of the wheel with the flat belt produce by hand or with an electric motor. Cylinder where the air razreshaetsya and thickens the piston is connected through a rubber tube with Oliwa at the end of the auditory passage (Fig. 2). The massage lasts for 1-5 minutes For pneumomassage, you can also use Sigle funnel (see) and the container Politzer (see Blowing off the ear).
In its simplest form P. can be done with the help of finger entered in the ear canal. Do 150 - 200 vibratory movements in 1 min.