Prevention of pneumonia

Prevention of pneumonia includes a set of General activities, combined with individual prevention (elimination foci of infection in the oral cavity and nasopharynx, training of the body, excluding the sharp temperature fluctuations, drafts, excessive cooling, a systematic struggle with dust content of air, exposure to fresh air and others). People often suffer from upper respiratory catarrh, preferably from prevention to conduct radiation by quartz. In the spring months to include in the diet of vitamins, especially a and group C.
In the event of pneumonia great importance of the individual susceptibility of the organism, the state of its reactivity. Hardening of the organism reliably prevents recurring disease.
The forecast. The duration of pneumonia depends on the General condition of the patient, severity of the disease and complications. The patient is considered cured of pneumonia only after 10-12 days after reception normalization of temperature, normalization of blood and complete resorption inflammatory infiltration in the lungs, defined radiographically.