Treatment. The main treatment of pneumoconiosis are activities that improve the General condition of the organism, pulmonary ventilation, circulation and exchange. In the initial stages shown breathing exercises, UHF radiation to the chest. When respiratory insufficiency oxygen therapy. With symptoms of bronchitis and bronchospasm - inhalation bronhorasshirath funds (ephedrine, eufillin, fibrolan and others). In the presence of non-specific inflammation in the bronchi and lungs appoint sulfa drugs and broad-spectrum antibiotics in the form of inhalation of aerosols in combination with bronhorasshiryayuschimi means, in cases of accession lung-heart failure - heart funds. Patients with far advanced stages of pneumoconiosis shown sanatorium-and-climatic treatment in the middle zone of the USSR, on the Black sea coast in the dry period of the year. In the case of geniotubercle shown prolonged antimicrobial chemotherapy, combine streptomycin" ftivazid and PAS, or replace one of your drugs by tibon. Thus it is necessary to consider the form, the phase of the disease, and individual tolerance. When silicotuberculosis (especially in infiltrative forms) may be appointed as prednisone or prednisolone in combination with antibacterial anti-TB drugs. Simultaneously with the above mentioned equipment is recommended for a long stay in the fresh air, oxygen therapy, kymyz treatment, and other General health and hygiene measures.
Prevention. The issues of prevention of pneumoconiosis are of paramount importance. It is important to conduct a preliminary examination of workers with the purpose of professional selection and further medical examinations in order to identify the initial form of pneumoconiosis and prevention of their development (in the direction of working with first signs of pneumoconiosis in spec. dispensaries, health ingaljatory and so on). The focus is the improvement of technological processes in industries where working threatens defeat P., and the introduction of measures to dedusting air to eliminate the contact of workers with dust, such as gidroponiki coal, complex mechanization with the removal of the workers from the bottom (deserted dredging), the use of planes instead of coal combines, water injection into the coal seam, prohibition purification cast dry quartz sand, mechanization and sealing processes of preparation of cast land, rods, knockout and cleaning, the moistening of asbestos, automation of production processes asbestos yarn and cloth, asbestos cement, effective ventilation, humidifying and oiling of raw materials cotton and linobrowser production, etc.