Pneumonia (pneumonia) is focal and lobar. Focal pneumonia is an inflammation of the small areas of the lung tissue involvement in the process of the alveoli and bronchi. Focal pneumonia can occur as a complication after many infectious diseases (influenza, measles, and so on), weakened by the postoperative patients when there is congestion in the lungs. Lobar pneumonia, acute infectious disease, in which inflammation captures the whole lobe of the lung.
Lobar and focal pneumonia characterized by the formation in the lumen of the alveolar exudate, which can be established or be complicated by suppuration. Causes is an infectious disease pneumococcus, Staphylococcus or a virus. Beginning of the disease is very acute: sudden chills, followed by a rapid rise of temperature (39-40 degrees), cough, severe stabbing chest pain and General weakness. Radiographically note darkening respectively the affected part of the lung. On 2-3rd day appears sputum rusty color. From this moment, you must use breathing exercises, contributing to its discharge.
The main tasks of medical physical culture:
1) increasing blood circulation and lymph circulation in the lungs, with the aim of accelerating the resorption of the exudate and prevent complications; counteracting the emergence of atelectasis (spadenia light in violation of patency of the bronchi);
2) preventing the formation of adhesions pleura;
3) activation of tissue exchange with the aim of improving the trophic processes in tissues;
4) the normalization of breathing depth, improvement of pulmonary ventilation, increase mobility of the diaphragm, increased excretion of sputum;
5) prevention of the development of bronchitis;
6) rehabilitation of physical performance.
The course of medical physical culture is divided into 3 periods: I (sparing) II (functional), III (trainee). I and II periods occur in the hospital, III - in the conditions of a hospital or sanatorium.
In the first period of therapeutic exercises are conducted in a source the position of lying. Uses simple exercises for the upper and lower limbs and trunk (bending, lead, the extension, coercion, tilts to the side), and breathing exercises. Dosage exercises - 4 - 10 times. The pace is slower.
In the II period classes therapeutic exercises, dosed walking and Hiking. In the physiotherapy sessions are all original position (depending on the condition of the patient). The physical exercises are done with a large amplitude. Included exercises with objects: sticks, printed balls. By the end of the period are applied exercises on gymnastic the bench and stood at gymnastic walls.
Special breathing exercises for pneumonia are: extension of the trunk with the simultaneous raising of the hands and tilt the torso to the side of rotation of the torso with a different position of the hands. Breathing exercises static and dynamic character. Dosage of exercises 6-12 times. The average speed of exercises.