Pneumosclerosis - disease polietiologic. It can cause the following factors: 1) infection normal bacteria and viruses, as well as specific infection (tuberculosis, syphilis), fungal and parasitic diseases; 2) lung poisonous substances combat (BOV) and professional nature (toxic-chemical pnevmoskleros); infection plays a significant role secondary component; 3) dust lung - pneumoconiosis and hit the light mineral oils (lipogranulomatosis); 4) ionizing radiation (mainly during radiation therapy for lung cancer, breast, esophagus); 5) the various factors that including medicines that cause from blood vessels and connective tissue of the lung allergic reaction character; pnevmoskleros this group can be part of the overall picture of collagenoses, sarcoidosis, or be independent clinical picture (for example, when berillios); 6) the stagnation of blood in the lungs with left ventricular failure, stenosis of the left venous mouth - cardiogenic pneumosclerosis (brown seal of the lungs); stagnation often join rheumatic pneumonia and rheumatoid vasculitis; 7) P. observed also after a heart attack the lungs; 8) a great value as a predisposing factor is Smoking.