Pneumologia - operation dissection easy with the aim of opening and drainage of purulent cavities. Shown in acute and some forms of chronic pulmonary suppuration, and also at the extensive destructive processes (gangrene)when, due to the serious condition of the patient cannot remove the affected Department of the lung. Pneumotomy is done under local anesthesia or under endotracheal anesthesia with separate intubation bronchi, in two stages. During the first stage with the purpose of formation of growths pleural sheets repetiruyut edge over the abscess cavity and impose oil-balsamic tampons in paraphenylene space. In 7-10 days tampons extract and after the x-ray control and trial puncture (see) open the abscess cavity (second phase), introducing him drainage or plugging gauze napkins.
In the postoperative period used antibiotics, blood transfusions, heart drugs, inhalation humidified oxygen, vitamins. Tampons tightened gradually, resulting in the abscess cavity subsided and in some cases it scarring.
Cm. Light, operations.