On the advice of the father

Two years have passed. The wheel of fate has made one revolution - and the life of Ibn Sina has changed. The old Emir died. His sons fought for the throne, their viziers intrigued, betrayed his lords, and there was no peace in Bukhara.
Ibn Sina lost wages at the court. A library has burned down, when the Palace was passed from hand to hand. One day it come to a rich neighbor and turned to him with a strange request: to make for him a book with a description of all Sciences, which Ibn Sina was reading in the library of the Emir.
He agreed, he wrote this book day and night. He did not suspect that he remembered so much. The book was thick, it could accommodate all the wisdom of the ancients, all their science except for math. Ibn Sina was filled page after page, the pen is not kept pace that dictated memory, but sometimes he was carried away and got into a discussion with ancient authorities. The neighbor was delighted. After all under the roof of his house collected wisdom of the whole library, conveniently hidden in the book. Ibn Sina and called it - "Assembled".
Soon the Governor's house came even one visitor. He asked for the book clarification on jurisprudence. With the laws then there was a lot of confusion, and, to how to explain them, it took about twenty volumes. This work took the autumn, winter, summer and one in autumn. Ibn Sina rarely leave the house.
His life was revived only rare letters. The they came from student Masihi - first master of Ibn Sina in medicine. Called this pupil Biruni - now this name is known all over the world. Letters from Biruni made of Ibn Sina to put everything - because he had thoroughly to answer the most unexpected questions, which tortured his correspondent. "Who of the two rights, or, who argues that water and earth are moving to the center of the universe, and air and fire - from the centre, or the one who says that all these elements are committed to the center, but what is more serious of them ahead?" asked Biruni.
By sending a reply message, Ibn Sina was returning to work. He worked on the multi-volume medical dictionary.
Stealthily approached the problem father became ill and have not stood up. He advised eldest son to leave Bukhara, search generous and just ruler.
Sober mind raitasalo Manager correctly assessed the situation. He advised his son to think of Khorezm. In its main city, Gurganj, is an imposing Palace of the Emir of Mamun, there are going to the most eminent scientists and poets.