The Victory Of Don Quixote

Not once in the course of his fifty years of activity Professor Pirogov was resigned. As his assistant for work in the Second military army hospital Dr. Nammert brought to Pirogov the package labeled " top secret".
"Noticing in behavior, Pirogov some actions that demonstrate his insanity, - the Professor could read, not believing his eyes, - require You to keep track of his movements and report them to me." And signature of the chief doctor of the hospital of Losievsky.
The point is that the requirements and the actions of the head of the surgical Department Pirogov, from the point of view of the head of the hospital, were not far from the insanity. His hospital did not differ from others. Dirt? But everywhere is dirty. Pirogov outraged that in the same ward are sick with skin diseases, acute blood poisoning, meningitis edema? But in the world it is. Pirogov banned the paramedics wrap bandages from one patient to another. He threw a fit over the fact that you removed from the wound dressings hospital bosses ordered to put on sale.
And yet - Pies argued that steal in the hospital even not night and day. The contractor delivers meat over-the sick, the homes of members of the hospital's office, and pharmacist appropriates drugs...
So I decided chief doctor of the hospital to watch the overly demanding and honest Professor, to get rid of him, suddenly failed him Dr. Nammert.
The scandal was great. Pirogov resigned. Trembling Losievsky asked his forgiveness.
Two years later "friends" Pirogov on the Medico-surgical Academy was after him sales stuffer-journalist Thaddeus bułharyn, with large experience in the denunciations and slander. This representative of the press not once appeared on the path of Pushkin. And now in one of the skits about Pirogova he strongly hinted at stealing others ' ideas.
The prospect of being slandered in the eyes of the disciples, whose opinion he always cherished, especially depressing Pirogov, and he really decided to refuse teaching. Again, the request for resignation.
But the third petition of the shrew, the Professor met with indecent haste. It was in 1856, when Pirogov returned from the army in the Crimea, after the siege of Sevastopol. There he found the orders of the same St. Petersburg hospital, only magnified to the size of the country and multiplied by wartime difficulties.
For Pirogov it was a war on two fronts. In the operating room, he fought for the life of the wounded, and it depended on his art.
One eyewitness wrote about Pirogova in Sevastopol: "You go to the dressing station, in the city! There Pies: when he makes an operation, we must kneel down".
It is in the Crimean war he introduced a plaster cast, and the doctors of the enemy tried to find out from prisoners, as a doctor Pirogov without amputation, how he manages to keep soldiers hands and feet.
The ingenuity of the surgeon rescued soldiers life, but they still died from cold, hunger, pollution, and problems with transport. Pirogov and fought with it, with the theft of the intendant, pharmacists, bureaucracy of officials of all ranks. It was a real battle of don Quixote tilting at windmills, because of the efforts of the surgeon and his assistants were opposed by a bureaucratic Empire. But don Quixote has prevailed, and -- resigned.
Magazine "Sovremennik" words Nekrasov welcomed the excellent surgeon:
"This is a feat not only the doctor, but also the person. You should listen to people coming out of Sevastopol, what and how was done there, Pies! But no soldier from Sevastopol, there's no soldatki or sailor suits, which was not blessed be the name of Pirogov, nor would your child to pronounce this name with reverence".
And this is what he writes himself Pies shortly before his resignation:
"If you really wish that I could be useful, let me not leave halfway; these polputi I have followed many times already; now I don't want to act against his conscience, against their beliefs... Until the military hierarchy and Soldatkina will dominate in our temples of science as the form and visibility will preside in the Holy places quest of truth, until then we cannot expect anything good. This time forever my belief, and as such beliefs are considered harmful and dangerous, then I removed soon as possible and perhaps more".
This opportunity was offered to him. He moved to Odessa, where he was given a harmless the post of Trustee of the school district. However, very soon the principles Pirogov and his reform efforts began in the throat to the Governor-General Stroganov. To the king's office flew letter denunciations.
Pirogov was transferred to Kiev. Here is a Trustee of the school district was characterized by the fact that asked to cancel the lecture theology students of the medical faculty of Kyiv University for the reason that they already have a lot of reading on the course of natural and medical Sciences.
Pirogov with difficulty persuaded to put befitting his office visit, Metropolitan Isidore. It would be better if he didn't agree! In the chambers of the Kyiv diocese of the Trustee made himself one more enemy. Metropolitan sweet smile offered him "the most worthy candidate for the vacant position of censor".
- Let me know what? asked Pies.
- Kulinsky.
- A familiar name. Uh, Yes, there it was printed in "Mayak", the very vilest of magazines! Oh no!.. - And Pies, not even bowed, hurried from chambers spiritual master.
And again in the capital flew letters: Pirogov organized a Sunday school for the people, Pies hired unreliable teachers. The wheel of the state machine rusty voice sounded about red Trustee.
1861 - and dismissed. He sent away abroad, Heidelberg, quiet, benevolent town to "supervise" professorial fellows.
His team - young scientists of different specialties, future Russian professors sent to scholars in the universities of Europe. Among them were biologist Mechnikov, physiologist Kovalevsky, histology Babuhin, chemist Verigo. Later Kovalevsky remembered about the unusual mentor: "Youthful fervor to acquire knowledge he just has infected us."
When the coach of the fellows went to treat troublemaker Garibaldi, in his act had provided something political. D. Tolstoy, chief Procurator of the Holy Synod, who became Minister of education, strongly recalls the Russians from abroad. More Pirogov not served.
He settled on his estate cherry. Still a lot of writing, summarizing the huge experience of wartime, went to inspect the sanitary service in two wars that led Russia, and constantly operated.
Already during the life of Pirogov in surgery began to allocate the Pirogovsky period. Another branch of medicine at the very beginning of its development was closely associated with his name. In our days it became an independent science. We are talking about anesthesiology - originally it was the art to ease the pain. But here you have a small digression.