What is love and what is the fear of kidney

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Kidney largely depend on its subsidiary office - urinary tract. It is worth violated their cross-country, as in the kidneys created an emergency situation. And renal colic - its manifestation. Sudden strongest unbearable pain, people almost rolling on the floor, restless, and looks for and finds the position of facilitating his suffering. The source of such a painful attack is to increase the pressure inside the pelvis, and bowls. There rushing in the brain signals the extraordinary pain irritation, Crowded full of gentle squeezes Vienna kidneys, impaired circulation, it swells, stretches its shell. The pain increases. Frequent culprits colic - stone, the accumulation of salts, pus, clots of mucus, clog the exit of the pelvis and the gap in the ureter.
If the outflow of the kidney is not tightly closed, and difficult, the attacks of severe pain, usually not, but the defeat of kidneys, almost inevitably, because in it - and along vessels and right in the mouth tubules - flows that should be flowing out. Such an invasion would disrupt the operations of nephrons. But even worse, that are squeezed renal vein and in kidney and the blood stagnates. Creates the most appropriate conditions for pathogens, and their body circulates enough - and the residents, and aliens, kept up to convenient occasion. Reaching with the blood of the wall of the ball, they turn away when there's a full well-being, and, on the contrary, climb on Board, as soon as the nephrons have been confusion. The stagnation of urine is very convenient for microbes able to filter out in the glomeruli, to settle in the bone matter and lead to inflammation.
That is why pyelonephritis - infectious-inflammatory process in the pelvis and the kidney is often develops in pregnant women and older men who suffer from prostate cancer. Pregnant on the ureter presses enlarged uterus, especially in the mid term. Prostate cancer as its development also leads to significant impairment of urine outflow. Statistically reliably established that the most common disease of the kidneys in adults and children, men and women - pyelonephritis usually 12 times those in whom the outflow of urine anything difficult. This fact added up all the evidence according to the kidneys from the patency of the urinary tract.
In the nephrons must be a certain flow rate, they do not like neither jams-backwaters, nor of the destruction. And let it serve as a warning to fans to eat cold food, limit yourself in soups, juices, tea and other liquids. Usually this is done for a lean figure, but the kidneys don't like it. They are satisfied with around 1.5 litres of fluid a day. If not had pretty hard. In some circumstances (they are listed in the Chapter about diseases) is useful, so to speak, to flush the kidneys is to use 2 or even 2.5 liters of fluid. But strictly on the grounds, on the recommendation of a doctor. First, in order not to overload the heart, and secondly, not to bring themselves to the poisoning of water, when dramatically increases the number of intercellular fluid and swell, seemed to swell cells.
Very sensitive nephrons to the faults and flaws in the circulation. When for the sake of science in dogs for 2 hours pinched the artery that delivers blood to the kidney, significantly decreased the plasma purification from urea, and it was restored this major indicator function of nephrons in 2-3 weeks. During the experiment, which lasted twice longer, was irreversible changes, and on the fourth-eighth day the animals died.
In humans, as is clear from clinical observations, in the nephrons are developing violations, if insufficient blood flow continues for more than 3-4 hours, and for the first 2 hours paralyzed their activities, but the cells are safe and sound.
Acute renal failure, sudden severe violation of activities menacing shadow of a sharp fall in blood pressure, be it blood loss, shock, collapse. When the HELL is less 80/55, none of the blood pressure in the arteries, and can not be held filtering in the glomeruli. Moreover, weak stream coming in the kidney, finds an easier way, a direct vessels, leaving in the lurch branched capillary glomeruli. Unusual route blood stagnates, pressure in the tissues increases. Increase it in the channel, even less able filtering in the glomeruli.