What is love and what is the fear of kidney

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Vulnerable kidney for Mycobacterium tuberculosis. And this is truly a time bomb. Explosion occurs normally years later when people already forgot that had TB of the lungs, bones.
By occupation and by origin kidney close with liver - Central biochemical laboratory of the body. All the trouble in it significantly affects the kidneys. Affect them and disorders in the digestive system. So, cholecystitis is inflammation of the liver as peptic ulcer, very often preceded by an inflammatory process in the kidneys.
The nephrons are forced to liquidate consequences of dehydration, coming as a result of diarrhea, uncontrollable vomiting. Besides bowel disorder shifts of acid-base balance of the internal environment in the direction of acid metabolism products, and vomiting her alkalify. To rectify these excesses have the renal tubules. It means extra work, additional tension.
Systematic constipation associated mostly with spasms of the muscles of the intestine. In unison with them start to behave and close neighbors - the muscles of the urinary tract. And where spasms, there sooner or later falls muscle tone, strength of reductions.
Disturbs the kidneys and gastritis with high acidity: varies acid-base indicator of blood, small intestine not properly managed with calcium salts from food, which he is obliged to remove and link, avoiding the excess in the blood.
Disservice have kidney parathyroid gland, heads of phosphorus-calcium metabolism. The excess of their hormone inhibits the reabsorption of phosphorus in the bone. Kidney strenuously its output, and some of it is deposited in the form of sand, a building stone. But little of this. At the same time, the excess of the hormone mobilizes from the bones of calcium salts, which are not that other, as the calcium salt of phosphoric acid. Phosphorus of them need the blood because the kidney does not return it. And the calcium of these compounds full of nephrons, a large number of kidneys available and easily in them settle. Stones, extracted by urologists, often consist of calcium salts.
Severe test for kidney disease is diabetes. Through them is unassimilated by accumulating in the tissues and blood glucose. Diabetes - deep metabolism in the cells, together with all suffer and cells nephrons. And all kinds of disease in diabetes happen more often, and the flow worse. Pyelonephritis they are sick in 4 times more and more often with several layers of aggravating symptoms.
Until now it was about the impacts on the nephrons of the inner world of the body and microbes - causative agents of infectious diseases. And what is the relationship of nephrons with the outside world? Here for them is good and what is evil?
The main enemy - cooling, especially damp cold. This is a beginning, a starting impulse for the vast number of inflammations of the kidneys, and infectious and allergic. Natural softness renal tissue even makes urologists to avoid hypothermia - tissue-cooling method, widely used in various fields of surgery for complex interventions. Folk wisdom warns: don't sit on the cold stones. True, for the kidneys cooling does not pass with impunity.