What is love and what is the fear of kidney

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But don't like them and excessively hot climate. He calls another trouble - greater concentration in the urine of salt. Fluid body loses since then, it is necessary to maintain normal body temperature. But the amount of salt that should be deleted via the kidneys, almost not reduced. The abundance of sunlight stimulates formation in an organism of vitamin D, the excess of which, as parathyroid hormone, directs and phosphorus metabolism in the direction unfavorable for the kidneys. Not by accident in the middle East, North Africa, India, Central America, and in our country in Central Asia, Transcaucasia, southern Volga region statistics registers more common kidney stones. The analysis of its distribution is not geographically, but by their occupations found that it is easier for him to find a gain among those whose work is associated with either overheating or low mobility or with restricted intake of fluids. This particularly applies to the flight lifting composition in aviation, working in the foundry and so on
Now a lot of talk about the inactivity, the deficit movements scourge of modern man. The progress of technology delivered all of us, inhabitants of the industrialized countries, from many industrial and household responsibilities, requiring muscular effort, and that, alas, has thoroughly cut the roots of our physical and mental stability. The body needs a hefty portion exercise, such a program has evolved over many thousands of years of human development. Interested in activity of skeletal muscles and kidneys.
Physical work normalizes vascular reactions, and kidneys, as you know, are very dependent on uninterrupted and full supply of blood. This is one reason their interest in the movements. The second is that the deficit movements can lead to disorders of calcium and phosphorus metabolism. Bones lose their strength, in the blood and urine appear excess calcium, and as a consequence - kidney stones. Doctors know very well that patients who are bedridden, over time usually appears and urolithiasis. Increased allocation kidney calcium was noted in a recent ground-based experiments, when they created the extreme conditions of prolonged immobility.
Modern oblomova should know that good functional condition of kidneys is unthinkable without the systematic physical training, adequate physical labor and other forms of muscle joy". People need to be friends with physical education with young and old.
Special discussion deserve "renal diet". Quotes supplied deliberately, because very often the diet of the person at its own discretion "plants" their kidneys, has nothing to do with the fact that they really taste that they are not a burden, helps to cope with the arduous duties.
Why do experts - not the experts and connoisseurs know-it-alls from which a lot of trouble,it is considered that the kidneys do not like salt. Just that self-styled healers impose a ban on the salt. Meanwhile, long-salt-free diet so ZEC as massive loss of sodium chloride with vomiting, diarrhea, hinders the work of nephrons. This is evident even from the appearance of protein in the urine. Specify that among the reasons for the terrible accumulation in the blood of residual nitrogen, and this is the main sign of kidney failure, scientists produce no in the body of sodium chloride - table salt. Cause this is not only the disease but also a salt-free regimes. In their observance in the extracellular fluid falls osmotic pressure, the water rushes into the cells. For nephrons floods are expressed in the reduction of glomerular filtration and slowing of renal blood flow. What could be worse! The complex of therapeutic measures in these cases and is an infusion of sodium chloride.
That's why even when inflammation of the kidneys, with their lack of doctors do not prescribe a sharp restriction of salt, if not accumulate complications. Hypertension, inclinations to swelling salted should be significantly reduced. And let all that is said about groundless salt-free diets, will not be perceived as Amnesty habit to eat salty and only salt. The Golden mean is good for the body principle.