What is love and what is the fear of kidney

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Another absurdity homebrew diet - prohibition of protein foods, a ban on any occasion. Indeed, when developing renal insufficiency, growing numbers of residual nitrogen in the blood, we have to limit the amount of protein in the diet - on time, dotted, combining within one week the exception of meat and eat fish, dairy products, proteins which the body is easier to recycle. It is impossible not to note that protein is nyeobratimaya part of food, lack of paralyzes many vital processes.
Limiting protein - extreme forced measure, rather than preventive. To resort to her, as they say, for a healthy life, they say, will not be worse, and the kidneys help - utter nonsense. By the way, if you're going to cut the proportion of protein in the diet, it is better to sacrifice proteins of plant origin legumes, bread than animals, because of their amino acid composition more valuable.
Recently it became quite the craze for all kinds of one-sided diets - rice, free of grease, proteins, cabbage-nut, oduvanchikami etc., etc., who as you fancy. Do not lightly disturb current evolutionary adaptation of man as a biological species to eat a variety of foods? Sometimes the best intentions lead on this way to the opposite result.
There was a time when ulcers stomach and duodenal ulcers was ordered and long dairy and vegetable buffet. Plus, patients often took soda to remove unpleasant feelings. And what was? After a few years, many such "ulcer" got urologists. Diet selecive internal environment of the body, and on this basis developed kidney stones. In Leningrad counted acalculous" period lasted from these patients on average 8 years since the discovery of peptic ulcer disease and the introduction of a strict diet.
Modern dietetics puts diversity at the forefront of proper nutrition. It coincides with the interests of nephrons. They prefer people ate as possible all products of animal and vegetable origin, not oppose even spices, pepper, mustard, onion, garlic, horseradish, vinegar - but no-nonsense, of course. In this respect, the kidney is more tolerant than the urinary tract. When inflammation same from any irritating spices, spicy food should be avoided.
Among treated at urologists and nephrologists strict diet requires not so many. More often need minor adjustments based on a thorough understanding of biochemical language of this phase of the disease the person has.
Of vitamin alphabet nephrons allocate D and A. First is a member of calcium and phosphorus metabolism and calcium stress on the kidneys and causes deficient and excess. In the Arctic people experience its shortage in Central Asia, its surplus, and in the histories and there and there, more than in other regions, there is a kidney stone disease. Accumulated information about the connection of an overdose of vitamin D with subsequent fast, on average 3-4 months, the formation of stones in the kidney.
Vitamin a is better known as the assistant good sight, good condition of the blood. But the facts speak about its importance for the normal function of the kidneys. Held mice on a diet devoid of vitamin a, and often (up 43 percent) found the stones of kidneys, ureters. In mink nurseries were able to discontinue the case, adding the concentrate of vitamin a in food. Died as mink because pelvis and displays the roads were jammed with stones.