Gout is a disease resulting from the violation of protein (purine) exchange.
Purine bases are the structural units of nucleic acids and certain enzymes. Etiology gout - a hereditary predisposition, overeating protein foods, especially meat, alcohol abuse. Gout uric acid is the end product of metabolism purine bases - is deposited in the joints and other tissues, causing an inflammatory process. This often leads to the formation of scars, deforming the joints.
The defeat of joints accompanied by swelling and redness, limited mobility in them, episodes of severe pain. The pain can last for 5-6 days and end with a copious discharge of urine. More often gout affects the small joints of the feet and hands. For the treatment used lacto-vegetarian diet, drinking plenty of fluids, radon and hydrogen sulfide baths, hormonal preparations, medical physical culture.
Exercise will help improve metabolism, excretion of uric acid from the body, and to restore mobility in the joints. Among the various forms of medical physical culture is the most widely used medical gymnastics (mainly active exercise, and with the purpose of stretching periarticular apparatus and passive). Thus, we use the so-called joint exercises with a maximum amplitude of movements in joints.
Active exercise performed in various starting positions - standing, sitting and lying passive Smoking joints of hands - in a sitting position, and of the joints of the feet is lying. To improve mobility in the joints used centrifugal, rotary and circular movements of the limbs taking into account the anatomic shape of the joints. Appropriate exercises with gymnastic stick, clubs, lightweight dumbbells and printed balls (weighing up to 2 kg). Useful exercises on the gym wall, involving movement joints of upper and lower extremities, and various exercises for the wrists. In the physiotherapy sessions can be applied complicated walking with simultaneous movements of the arms and legs, exercises with small and volley balls, and dynamic games with the ball. When there is pain shows gymnastics in a warm bath.
In addition, patients are recommended daily gymnastics at home, as well as regular walking.
At the improvement of General condition, you can take the path, excursions, tourist trips, engage in sports, skiing and skating. Also useful massage of muscles and joints in places most pronounced gouty arthritis.