Preparation for surgery

Either before or after the patient in any case should not report that he has cancer. Even when the patient himself declares that he is quite aware that he has a malignant tumor that he plainly said explored his doctors, it should disbelieve it, that always it is possible surprisingly simple. Ill always wants to believe and always believe that it is more favorable. However, some still consider it obligatory to inform the patient that he had cancer, justifying the last fact that otherwise the patient does not consent to the operation, especially when it should or could end up with gastric, intestinal fistula or other, by the removal of the esophagus, larynx, and so on, But this is a big mistake. An experienced doctor will always find a way to explain to the patient the need for even the most mutilation, not mentioning about cancer. Because, in order for the patient agreed to the operation, he must believe that it will keep him alive, to some extent will restore health. And the word "cancer", is still in wide layers of the population sounds like a death sentence. Therefore many patients immediately reject any kind of operation, learning that they have cancer. Said convincingly confirmed by the fact that according to C. I. Ekimova (1974) in the institutes of Oncology and oncologic dispensaries, where patients are convinced that they have cancer, a rejection of the proposed operations amounted respectively to 45.5 ± 3,3% and 37.6 within (2.5%, while in the hospitals of General type it is - 12,2 ±of 2.7%. In the past, patients are placed in the General wards, they do not lose hope on the purity of his illness and seeing undergoing surgery and well popravlyajsya neighbors, easily agree to the surgery yourself.
In addition, the patient should not be informed neither about the nature of the proposed transaction, nor on its size nor its possible complications. However, it must fully understand the particular effects of operation, after which it will become obvious for him. For example, it must know about the possibility of imposing gastric fistula and so on, however, the closest relatives should have a full picture of the actual severity of the disease and the alleged interference.
The immediate preparation of the patient for the operation is the same as with every complex brunobeast operations. In accordance with the rules under the guidance of experienced therapist carried out several activities that improve the activity of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, reducing water-salt and protein balance. If necessary, make a blood transfusion. If there are any related diseases are provided with appropriate actions to eliminate them. For gastric stasis for a few days before the operation systematically washed stomach. On the eve of the operation using enemas free the intestines.
For pain currently expedient need to consider the use of inhalation narcosis with controlled breathing, which is carried out under the existing rules of anesthesiology.