The bedpan

the bedpan
Bed pans: top - oblong; at the bottom - round

The bedpan apply in cases where the patient cannot or should not sit (for example, after surgery, in myocardial infarction and other). The bedpan can be enamelled metal, porcelain or rubber various forms (Fig.).
Oblong bedpan very convenient, because it is quite deep and has a Playground for the rest of the sacrum. All the bedpan or less convenient because its use is not always possible to prevent the pollution of a body of the patient fecal masses. Rubber bedpan due to the elasticity of the walls has on the sacrum little pressure, so this bedpan can be left under patients for a long time, occasionally taking it for sanitary processing. To absorb secretions appropriate to the bottom of the vessel to pour sawdust. Rubber bedpan can be used instead of the back of a circle (see). Before use the bedpan to rinse with warm water, to avoid unpleasant sensations at the contact of the skin with cold bed-pan facilities. Enclosing the vessel, you need to raise a little sick, placing a hand on his rump. After drinking the bedpan should be thoroughly washed and disinfected with 3% solution of bleach, 3-10% solution of Lysol, a solution of potassium permanganate and other, especially after the patients suffering from intestinal infections.