Underwater sport

Underwater sport - swimming, diving, tourism underwater using scuba.

Fig. 1. Swimmer-submariner in a lightweight equipment (kit № 1).

Fig. 2. The diver's equipment for underwater sports (kit № 2).

The task of underwater sports is, except for the improvement of sports skills, conducting underwater works (hunt, photo - and filming, research hydraulic engineering work, as well as assisting drowning). Swimmer can have two types of equipment. Set № 1 (Fig. 1) consists of rubber mask with indicator glass, snorkel and fins. Swimming in this set may in surface water (depth 0.5 m), Snorkelling requires breath. Set № 2 - diving (underwater light) - underwater breathing apparatus Autonomous action (Fig. 2). For diver (the person, who enjoys scuba diving) the conditions under water unusual (high pressure and low temperature of the environment, changes in the partial pressure of gases in the body etc). Medical requirements for health diver when preliminary and periodic inspections and his training increased. To descents to the water in aqualungs permitted only those authorized medical Commission, good swimming and diving, capable of self-esteem and self-control, know how to prevent possible injury and pathological conditions, coming under water.
Each dive is recorded in a special journal. Methodical center of underwater sports is the Central marine club DOSAAF USSR (organizes section, training, competitions).