Drinking bowl

The use of drinking bowl with rubber feeding tube patients with damage to the jaw.

Drinking bowl - a vessel with a capacity of 200-250 ml in the form of a kettle with half-closed top and without filtering nets at the base of the trunk is used for power supply of seriously ill. Drinking bowl can be porcelain or enamel. When you use a drinking bowl for feeding the patient should lift the headrest or head end of the bed, at least to put under the back several pillows. If the patient cannot be located in a semi-sitting position, then the nurse left hand lift the head of the patient together with a pillow, and the right feeding it from the drinking bowl. If this cannot be done (for example, with injuries to the jaw), then on the trunk of drinking bowl wear rubber tube with a diameter of 1 cm and a length of 20 - 25 cm, through which the patient sucks content of the drinking bowl. (Fig. ). Food should be liquid and warm (temperature 45-50 degrees), except when prescribed chilled food (for example, in gastrointestinal bleeding).