Indicators age of professional groups

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More by the demands of the profession impact on the age of statisticians, researchers and especially workers mechanized accounting (for women MX=26,8 year, x2=45.8 years), i.e. employed in the given tempo and volume dominated mechanical component and monotonous activities. Obviously, systematic monotonous account and preparation of statistic materials for machine processing are rather strong constraints of working age. Special attention is drawn to the fact that despite the significant ageing of other professions planning and accounting the age group of workers employed by mechanical expense, which is based on women (95,5% in 1970), has not changed. As shown by studies of hygienists labour, it is explained by the tensions and nebezopasnosti labour operators. It is established that their work is linked to forced static position, a large number of small repetitive movements of the fingers, passes on hygienically poorly organized work place in conditions of intensive mid-frequency noise, low light and high air temperature, air pollution premises carbon dioxide. The use of the budget working day is very high - up to 94%. Adverse occupational factors leading to the deterioration of health status (neurotic condition, the damage of neuro-muscular and ligamentous apparatus of the forearms and hands), distortion curves health. The result is high turnover of staff and the updating of structure.
Provided for switching the majority of the accounts and planners on mechanized forms of work should be carried out with the obligatory condition of liquidation of tension and normalize conditions. This applies particularly to the newly established data centers. In particular, require more stringent regulation requirements for the mode and conditions of work, the duration of the working day, week, frequency and duration of leave, the mode of active recreation, and other stimulating and supportive professional performance factors. Without this it is almost impossible to maintain a high age boundaries of health, which has long been known accounts and planning workers.
The example shows that the development of computer technology, the automation of management processes implemented without sufficient consideration of opportunities of the person, cause the intensification of intellectual work and nervous and emotional tension workers serving high-speed mechanisms. These factors in the same way as physical, determine not only the restriction of working age, but also the development of specific pathology of the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Wide involvement of older employees work and particularly the retirement age is practically impossible without the transfer machines of functions and scope of work, beyond the capabilities of an aging person. Research in this direction.
For control over its effect should also apply to the materials of the census, about the distribution of the working population and pensioners by occupation and age. As shown by A. A. Dyskin (1976), comparing the data from the two censuses, you can determine the growth rate of the number of persons of pre-pension and pension age and record sound. Along with this is the possibility of forecasting the number of employed persons of pre-retirement and retirement age. Group pre-retirement decade for future censuses, comparison with the previous depends on the number of persons 40-49 and measure its safety during the transition into the group of 50-59 years. Respectively, and is determined by the number of working pensioners.
The classification of professions by comparing the performance of the profession with indicators total population.
This methodological approach allows a more targeted approach to identify the impact of scientific and technological revolution on the employment rate of the elderly population in various branches of national economy. Along with the above demographic methods it will contribute to the objective of integrated one-time assessment of age-related changes professional performance of individual groups of workers. It should be remembered that this is the most economical way of research and monitoring. It is available to every major company or scientific-industrial Association who automatic control system or machine frame based.