Hygienic requirements to the design and improvement of the field camp

Proper organization of field camps allows productive use of working time and frees employees from unnecessary expenditure of time and effort on a daily return home and back into the field.
Field camps are permanent and temporary.
In the residential part of the permanent field mill place of dwelling houses, dormitories, nursery, Laundry room, a bath, a well, a cellar, kitchen-dining room and a toilet. For recreation provides a shady area. On the site should be shrub plantings width 20-40 m (to protect from wind and dust).
On the economic and production site placed repair shop, forge, awnings for cars and equipment, power plant, barns for livestock, etc. Between residential and commercial production part is protective strip of green plantings of a width of 50 m
The site for the temporary field camp should be placed closer to the water source. It is also divided into two zones : residential and industrial.