Field mill

Field mill - auxiliary production and housing center, organized by collective and state farms to the machine at the remote from settlements land plots for the period of field work.
Field camps are divided into mobile, consisting of wagons, movable over the field team; temporary deployed in tents, booths, and permanent - construction-type houses lightweight constructions.
Field mills of all types are identical sanitary-hygienic requirements: field mill should be placed in a dry place, away from roads (no closer than 200 m) and near benign sources of water supply. In the absence on the place of artesian wells (wells) drinking water delivered to the field camp in closing barrel with a crane or a fountain. The area of the field camp shall be planted.
Strict sanitary supervision over the delivery and storage of food products, as well as the disposal of food waste and waste should exclude the possibility of emergence and development of gastrointestinal diseases. Sanitary-hygienic norms provide for the proper organization of soil decontamination of sewage, dry waste and other waste. Latrines should be located at a minimum distance of 20 - 30 m from houses. Dry garbage is collected and outside of the field camp is burned. Health care field mill is vested in rural medical area and is conducted by the employees of obstetric stations or dedicated average medical workers. Their duties include site selection for field staff (together with the administration of the collective farm and state farm), activities for the organization of water supply, catering, regular visits to the field camp and tractor brigades, preventive and sanitary-educational work, organization and preparation of the public health asset management of sanitary posts, training of farmers and workers of state farms to the rules of rendering of self - and mutual aid. Sanitary asset under the supervision of the sanitary post monitors the sanitary condition of the territory, field of camp, hostels, oversees food, water.
To prevent injuries in the winter training of tractor drivers, operators and other workers in agricultural occupations safety.
Tractor operators and other machine operators, for the period of field works are provided with individual packages. In the major field camps creates a field clinic, headed by a paramedic or nurse. The paramedic is built so that the reception was held before and after the working day; in the daytime nurse goes directly to the work of the field and a tractor brigades. The main attention should be focused on the prevention of injury and the provision of aid. Field camp is attached to a specific medical plot, doctors regularly visit field mill.